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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Three Months To Go

Three months to go, yet so much to do. We still don't have all the financing ready. We are currently talking to several possible large advertisers/sponsors.

This will be a three week trip assuming we don't have to deal with any hurricanes. We have also talked to the Country of Ireland. Originally the trip was supposed to be all about going to Ireland, Bob and I are Irish. We have a little American Indian, Scottish, and German, but mostly Irish. I am utterly amazed that Tourism Ireland turned us down.

I kept at it, because I thought they were missing the boat. There are very few things they could do to advertise going to Ireland that would get as many people talking about going to Ireland as sponsoring this trip. In any event, I could not get them to see it my way. That is a government for you. If they had to go raise the capital themselves they would probably look at it differently. I bet they would strive to get the biggest bang for the buck then.

I have talked to a lot of people. It seems like there is more interest in going to London, England, than Ireland. Pity isn't it. We have changed our destination, we are going to London.

I would think they would be all over saving money, saving fuel, and accomplishing a lot without waisting that temendous amount of fuel used by large vessesl crossing the ocean.

It should be all over the news. This will be the first time in the history of Mankind that anyone ever crossed and entire ocean in a flats boat. The closest thing to it was our last trip. I have talked with CBS, The early show about the trip. We have invited Dave Price to ride with us for the first few miles then he can ride back in the chase boat. The chase boat will be provided for any media that decides to follow us. It will only go a few miles out of the port.

If I do not get a definite commitment from CBS, I will make the offer to ABC, NBC, and a few others. We gave CBS the first shot because we were introduced to one of their producers on the last trip. We have also talked to the Discovery Channel about making a few adventure episodes about this trip.

I don't believe that Boating and Alcohol Mix, honestly, I don't drink at all, but I love Non-Alcoholic Beer. I guess that dates back to my teenage days when I drank a lot. I will have to give the Lord the credit. Because boating and alcohol don't mix this is a great chance for a Beer company to promote their Non-Alcoholic Beer. If anyone knows a beer company executive try to get them on board or get me their contact information.

So Far Our Sponsor's are
Yamaha Motor Company,
Mustang Survival Corporation,
Dream Boats, Inc.