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Friday, November 20, 2009

The MAD Mariner an internet magazine published an interview with us.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More information on Bob's house

Yesterday, several people showed up to help Bob start the rebuild. First, the mess has to be torm out. We thank each and every person. Also, his church took up a special offering. We thank each of them. They still have a long ways to go.

Anne, my wife, did set up a special account to receive any gifts. The special account is at Regions Bank. Persons wishing to make a gift of love to Bob and Jill, can contact any Regions Bank and tell them you want to make a gift. You will need Bob's address to do so. Or, you may simply mail him a check.

Bob and Jill Brown
1408 Earl Dr.
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Also, Bob had a lot of video from the recent voyage that may or may not be recovered. As well as his book. If anyone has any video or Hi Def pictures of our voyage we would like to have a copy of it.

I have known Bob a long time, 50 years. He always smiles and trys to look at the bright side. Sunday, underneath that smile I saw tears. He really needs help if It can fit into your budget or time. When I heard about it, I stopped what I was doing packed up my family and drove three and a half hours to just be there.

P.S. Please forgive my grammar.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bob's House Burnt Down

Bob's house burnt down. Yesterday, while Bob and his family were at church his house burnt down. Bob, Jill, and Johnathan lost everything and really need some help.

My wife, Anne, is out opening a special account to recieve any donations anyone wishing to donate can. They may also contact Georgiana United Methodist Church on South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island Florida.

Or you can mail Bob and Jill a check at:
1408 Earl Drive, Merritt Island, Florida 32952.

Bob is the kind of guy that will always help, now he needs help.

We opened a web site

Note. While it has been labled a "Suspicious" fire. The official cause is "electrical" until evidence to the contrary is found. However, it is the second recent fire in that neighborhood. It has been brought to my attention that I did not state the facts correctly, so I want to make the corrections necessary.



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Your Hero... Wallace " Skeeter" Leeper

Posted by Charolette Bratlie

After several years following the last time I looked up the soldier who's MIA bracelet I had worn since 1968, I decided to go on a search to see if he was still MIA.

After looking at a few sites I found that he was on a list of "remains" found and returned. It was for me a feeling I can't explain when I saw his name on that list. I had to keep looking at it and the year he was found. 2002. 41 years since I first started wearing his bracelet and repeating his name in my head and in my heart. Who was this man withs such an odd name, CW3 Wallace"Skeeter" W. Leeper. Wallace "Skeeter" Leeper. It wasn't until 8 or 9 years ago that I located information about what had happened to my soldier boy. He was on a rescue mission in a Huey along with 2 other soldiers and the Huey went down.

That was the only information they had on that site about him. Over the next several years I thought of him often. About 6 years ago a thief stole some belongings of mine including my precious soldiers bracelet. I have felt guilty since because I was not wearing it. Now today I find him on the KIA list and it only matters to me that his family and loved ones are at least in peace no longer wondering. My stolen bracelet may never be returned to me but he has been returned to his family and that is what is important. Matter of fact, my bracelet was stolen near the time his "remains" were returned .

Now as I sit in front of the computer with tears on my face and an unexplained feeling in my heart, I am relieved of the question I always wondered, "Where is he, my "Skeeter" Leeper, my missing soldier?" Now I feel I have to find his family and let them know how much they mean to me to spare their son so I can live.

If only I could see what he looked like and where is he buried. What did he like to do and did he have a girlfriend or siblings? Do they want to know about me? Should I look for them or not? How can I get the money to at least go to the Viet-Nam Memorial and see his name finally on The Wall? To put my finger on the engravement dedicated to the man who has been the love of my life and my hero since I was 10 years old. My mother came in and saw me weeping in front of the computer.

When I told her why and about the thief who stole my bracelet, at first she was angy with the thief who stole it, then her anger was directed at the other thief, the thief who stole this man from his family. The thief who took this mans life and the lives of many others and for what. He was only one person in this myrid of others who have come and gone. I believe that it's not so much about dying for your country but putting your life before others because of the love in your heart for mankind and the desire to protect others.

As I ran down the love letters from others who have these bracelets and are still waiting and wondering like I did for 40 years, I looked thru all in the year they found him, I saw his name in a letter. I stopped and read the love letter and found that another one of my soldiers who is alive had posted a letter and had also been wearing "Skeeter" Leepers name on his heart since 1972. Now I feel I must search him out and hope his e-mail is still valid. I want to hear how he has lived with Wallace Leeper and when did he find out about the recovering of ou soldiers "remains".

Has he been to The Wall, has he contacted the family and so many otherquestions. I was born in Colorado whe Leeper was from, isn't that something of a connection too.From this moment on, a feeling of something different will be in my heart regarding the war which took my potential mate from me, which took the innocence of a girl by wondering most of her life, what happened? Now I will be at peace that he's not just forgotton and decaying in a place lonely and far away.

Now my soldier has come home.

Mad Mariner Internet Magazine

Bob and I did a internet radio interview. They will post it on the Mad Mariner Internet Magazine on Wednesday. Tomorrow, I will do a ESPN radio interview with Johnny D.

Last Wednesday I spoke at the Seven Springs VFW on Veterans Day. I will be speaking and showing pictures at their Turkey Shoot on Saturday, November 21, 2009.

We are continuing to promote the Do More Campaign. There is a possiblity that we will do a Pacific Crossing. This trip was an overwhelming success in Media, it was an overwhelming success in completing the voyage, yet, it was a dismal failure as a fund raiser for the Do More Campaign.

I think that one of the reasons we did not get a great start in the Shirt program was that we were not believed. I think that if we did it again, people would believe us, want to wear our shirts, and the media would get more behind us from the beginning.

I am looking into the idea and talking to potential sponsors of the voyage.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

High Defination Pictures

I spent most of the day putting together high defination pictures and video. The video is for Discovery Channel UK. I am looking for high Def Pictures. If you happen to have any Hi Def pictures of our boat anywhere on the trip, I would sure like to have a copy.
Contact me by email and I will get you an upload address. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Any hi defination pictures are a giant help. My email is