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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Global Race to honor Heroes

The below boat trip was sponsored by Norm Miller’s group called I AM SECOND. During our voyage their web site went over one million visitors.
The boat is the smallest powerboat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. It received hundreds and hundreds of news articles all over the world. The below article came out of Yacht Magazine, in China. The boat has been requested by a Museum.

We are in the process of planning to break the record for the fastest powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. We are looking to name the vessel in honor of who ever provides the capital to make it happen. We are looking for $350,000 to get Dream Boats Global Started. In addition to getting 10% of Dream Boats Global we will name the 33 ft version after this person. We expect it to get ten times the publicity the Intruder 21 got and to end up in a museum.

The current record belongs to the New Zealand built Andy Gil, formerly known as Earthrace. It is about time to improve the technology and to break the record at a fraction of the cost or carbon foot print as the Andy Gil. The publicity will be used to raise funds for Heroes Foundation.

Contact Ralph Brown 352-346-2365