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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Global Race to honor Heroes

The below boat trip was sponsored by Norm Miller’s group called I AM SECOND. During our voyage their web site went over one million visitors.
The boat is the smallest powerboat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean. It received hundreds and hundreds of news articles all over the world. The below article came out of Yacht Magazine, in China. The boat has been requested by a Museum.

We are in the process of planning to break the record for the fastest powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. We are looking to name the vessel in honor of who ever provides the capital to make it happen. We are looking for $350,000 to get Dream Boats Global Started. In addition to getting 10% of Dream Boats Global we will name the 33 ft version after this person. We expect it to get ten times the publicity the Intruder 21 got and to end up in a museum.

The current record belongs to the New Zealand built Andy Gil, formerly known as Earthrace. It is about time to improve the technology and to break the record at a fraction of the cost or carbon foot print as the Andy Gil. The publicity will be used to raise funds for Heroes Foundation.

Contact Ralph Brown 352-346-2365


  1. Ralph, how do you reduce the carbon footprint, when, per Gil, "Throughout, the boat was run on 100% biofuel with a net carbon zero footprint in order to draw attention to the need for renewable fuels and sustainable living."
    Also, ONE engine (you will need at least 2)will cost more than $350,000, on a boat capable of circumnavigating for 60 days and 23,500 miles. Hell, I would expect that the fuel would cost $350,000 alone! The current record holder is a 78' long wave piercing garbon graphite computer designed and tested tri-maran, and had problems with the seas. And It can submarine 23' below the water at times. I dare say that a flats boat or flats boatbuilder, though motivated and talented at building flats boats, just may not have the skills, technology, and backing to do this! Dreaming is good, but I remind you that your last voyage left you and your brother broke,with NO donations to the charities you intended to fund...
    Is this just a way to make a pay check, because I havn't seen any sales of Dream Boat flats boats lately... (or investors)

  2. I won't comment yet on Ralph's future trip plans, but I will say that we have done everything we could and I am still working a little everyday trying to raise money for the wounded Hero Foundations.(While rebuilding my house that Burnt down last year)

    We did travel for 8312 miles over 76 days in some pretty rough conditions (use your imagination and think cold and rough.) I have no idea why we weren't able to sell more T-Shirts. At my last check with Ralph, we sold just a little more the 400 shirts. I know we have not sent any checks to the wounded Hero Foundations as of yet; but I am sure that they did recieve some money as a result of the publicity from our trip. (Some of the trip is still on my credit card as well as Ralph's.)

    If and when our video is shown on TV, I would bet that alot of people would donate to the heros. We did our part, and much more, if only more shirts were sold, I'd love to see Ralph's goal of 150,000 shirts sold. Bob Brown