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Monday, November 29, 2010

Global Wounded Hero Race

Our last voyage was an incredible success in reaching our goal of crossing the Atlantic in a flats boat. We endured 11 days in major storms, running our of money, fuel problems, and much more. We, however, did not come close to raising $3 million dollars like we planned.

As a result I am trying to learn from our failures and do it again, only not across the Atlantic but around the World. This has so many different advantages that we did not have the first time. At this time we are calling it the Global Wounded Hero Race.

I am seeking a $450,000 partner who would like to sit in the winners circle on the World Stage. We could structure this in many different ways: a loan, an investment, or simply a 501(C)(3) donation. We are willing to pay a success fee of $45,000 to someone who could introduce us the the right partner.