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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More information on Bob's house

Yesterday, several people showed up to help Bob start the rebuild. First, the mess has to be torm out. We thank each and every person. Also, his church took up a special offering. We thank each of them. They still have a long ways to go.

Anne, my wife, did set up a special account to receive any gifts. The special account is at Regions Bank. Persons wishing to make a gift of love to Bob and Jill, can contact any Regions Bank and tell them you want to make a gift. You will need Bob's address to do so. Or, you may simply mail him a check.

Bob and Jill Brown
1408 Earl Dr.
Merritt Island, FL 32952

Also, Bob had a lot of video from the recent voyage that may or may not be recovered. As well as his book. If anyone has any video or Hi Def pictures of our voyage we would like to have a copy of it.

I have known Bob a long time, 50 years. He always smiles and trys to look at the bright side. Sunday, underneath that smile I saw tears. He really needs help if It can fit into your budget or time. When I heard about it, I stopped what I was doing packed up my family and drove three and a half hours to just be there.

P.S. Please forgive my grammar.


  1. From BoB Brown

    Had someone local try to extract the digital data off of the computer harddrive, without any luck. The excess heat from the fire seemed to demagnetize the paper thin discs inside. The harddrive would spin, but nothing was there. I have another friend that has a lot of experience retrieving lost data from hard drives. I just sent the drives by mail to him. Wish him luck!

  2. From Bob Brown

    Richard C has successfull got some information off of the external harddrive. He has shipped it to me and I should recieve it in a day or two. Hopefully he has recovered the video. The book is probably gone unless I backed it up on the external harddrive, which I doubt since I was always using flash drives. There is still a chance that I might have backed it up while looking at some of the video on the external HD.

  3. Found a couple of flash drives with tons of pictures and no book. Bob Brown

  4. I have every inch of the HD video that was in the fire at my house. Richard Cullison was able to recover it off of the harddrives. So far, there is no luck with the book, but he is still working on it in his spare time.

  5. The above comment was made by Bob Brown, sorry I forgot to sign my name. Bob Brown

  6. 5k Brown Family fundraiser was very successful, over 160 people came out to run/walk/support. Thankyou Bob Brown