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Monday, November 16, 2009

Bob's House Burnt Down

Bob's house burnt down. Yesterday, while Bob and his family were at church his house burnt down. Bob, Jill, and Johnathan lost everything and really need some help.

My wife, Anne, is out opening a special account to recieve any donations anyone wishing to donate can. They may also contact Georgiana United Methodist Church on South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island Florida.

Or you can mail Bob and Jill a check at:
1408 Earl Drive, Merritt Island, Florida 32952.

Bob is the kind of guy that will always help, now he needs help.

We opened a web site

Note. While it has been labled a "Suspicious" fire. The official cause is "electrical" until evidence to the contrary is found. However, it is the second recent fire in that neighborhood. It has been brought to my attention that I did not state the facts correctly, so I want to make the corrections necessary.




  1. Ralph,

    There is NO EVIDENCE that a "neighborhood arsonist" "burnt his house down". Not only does your response grossly lack any facts or conclusions by anyone official, it is gramatically horendous. Frankly, the fire dept. speculates the fire was electrically related... Your off the cuff comments do nothing but to make Bob sound less than credible, something he is not.

    I personally am very saddened by the Browns' loss, and WILL do something to help them. Your editorial is not constructive, and should be changed to only contain facts...

  2. This is from Bob. In no way do I say that my house was burnt down by an arsonist, but I do believe that is is highly possible.(I don't think I have any enemies)

    I will say it is suspecious (two houses burnt on the same street in two weeks, my house was wired with copper, not aluminum and all connections were in boxes and everything was on square D breakers. Nothing was plugged in any sockets anywhere on the porch were the fire is believed to have begun. Six months ago, squarels got into the porch ceiling until I replaced the roof and closed up all possible entrances Also I was on the computer working seconds before leaving for church and Jonathan my son was doing pull ups on the porch By the time we arrive back home 1hour and 20 minutes later, the fire was out. Our porch and family rooms were add-ons, completely seperate rooms with closed windows and doors and headers).

    But I don't want to go there, because nothing will be gained from going backwards. I want to say Thanks to the many people that have stopped by and helped me clean out much of the burnt and damaged areas.

  3. This is Bob Brown

    I am also sorry for all the people waiting for the book and HD video documentary. All computers, flash drives, CD's, camera, and external hard drives were burnt in the fire. I believe I have lost everything except the audio recording. I only lost the one tape of the Canada to Greenland crossing and possibly some of the greenland tape. 1 out of 15. I plan to attempt to have someone who knows what they are doing attempt to retrieve the information off the harddrives, but it doesn't look good. Most everything is parly melted.

    If it is recovered, which I highly doubt, I will probably publish a part-I soon and a part-II when I have time to get back to it.

    If I can't get the book recovered (70,000 words), I don't know if I will write the book at all. I have over 300 hours in writing the book so far(every chance I had since I've been back and don't know if I will ever have that much time (at least for quite a while...Sorry...books are not a profitable business, more of a hobby) Bob Brown

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  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Sorry my grammar is not exact. Believe it or not it takes me forever to write a few sentences and I am never happy with the grammar.

    The facts are that this is the second recent fire in that neighborhood.

    I am not an expert, but I have lit a lot of fires in my life. Generally I have seen fire to burn up not down. The electrical box in question is located about four feet off the ground. Both outside corners of the back porch floor are burnt while there are areas of the porch roof that are not completely scorched. The back porch had no curtains or drapes to drop and spread the fire.

    You are right, I should only have posted the facts so I made some corrections. Please feel free to contact me directly.

    Thank you,