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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Last Vikings...... The Video Highlights

These are the high lights from Bob's Camera
We have a lot of video left
Hopefully we will find a way to make this into a mini series or a movie.


  1. I have been editing 17 hours of hand held video down to 5 and a half hours. I them grouped them into five episodes. I made a five minute teaser commercial for each of the episodes. The one "You'll Get Swamped", the five minute teaser for the whole 8312 mile trip, is just a sample of some of the footage that we have. I still haven't gone through Ralph's footage, it isn't included in the 17 1/2 hours of video. Bob Brown

  2. My book is still on the back burner since it was lost in the house fire. I have been dedicating all my spare time into the production of "You'll Get Swamped" until we can get a production company to take it over. Bob Brown

  3. Drywall should be starting in about a week. It has been a long hot summer. Atleast now we are working out of the sun. Bob Brown