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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Deck is in

The boat we took to Bermuda was made possible by Pete Rostel of Rostel Construction. He bought my prototype and actually loaned it back to us. We made arrangements to buy it back.

Since he bought our prototype we upgraded a couple of things.
One, we raised the deck two inches
Two, we make the deck a little stronger.
Three, we added rod lockers.

In the last couple of days we upgraded Petes boat to our current standards, except the rod lockers. We ripped out the old deck and put in the new one. We realized that if you drop an aluminum 70 gallon fuel tank in the same place several thousand times it would weaken our old deck, so we changed the deck to something stronger. We will let you know, when we get back how good our new style deck holds up. I bet it does just fine.

I know no one beats up their boat like I beat up boats, but that is the beauty of it. If it holds up for six thousand miles through storms, icebergs, reefs, and overloads it ought to be safe to cross the bay under normal load conditions.

We finished the deck yesterday and put in the console. We put the new Suzuki 115 and the Suzuki 9.9 Emergency kicker on today.

We are getting closer and closer. See you Saturday, July 27 at 5 pm behind the Tampa Waterside Marriott next to the conference center.

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