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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

US Congress Honors Cross The Atlantic

To my surprise I received the following email today. Wow

Cristin Datch (202-225-5755) from his office called to say you werehonored in the Congressional RecordBestBruce Schulman


Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor two of myconstituents, brothers Ralph and Robert Brown . Ralph and Robert will be attempting a 2nd Guinness World Record this summer by sailing non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean from Tampa, Florida to Hamburg, Germany to raise funds for Wounded Warrior Foundations.

In 2007, Ralph and Robert set their first Guinness World Record for the``longest nonstop ocean voyage in a flats boat'' traveling from North Carolina to Bermuda and back to New York in a 21-foot open fishing boat of their own design. This voyage garnered a great deal of publicity and convinced the brothers to use this notoriety to raise money for Wounded Warriors Organizations in the future.

Ralph and Robert will be using thepublicity from their second voyage to raise money for six Wounded Warriorand Disabled Veterans Organizations, having set a goal of $3 million.

In 1980, former Marine Ralph Brown was placed on the roster to liberatethe American Embassy in Iran during the hostage takeover. However, Ralph's group was replaced by another group of soldiers, out of which three US Marines were killed. Mr. Brown and his brother have since dedicated their lives to honoring the lives of these three Marines and their many other brave countrymen.

Madam Speaker, Ralph and Robert Brown truly are doing more than just saying ``thanks,'' by raising money and awareness for our nation's wounded warriors. And they are doing so in one of the most original manners possible.

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