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Monday, June 29, 2009

florida keys

we left ft. meyers into a storm. the seas were only about 4 to 6 ft we got some terrific video as soon as we can we will get it up on the site.

arriving today in the keys. comminig across florida bay i was real glad to have a flats boat. there are some very shallow spots.

we got some badly needed sleep today and it is off to miami.


  1. Be sure you get proper sleep each day, read a verse before you pray.

  2. I am talking to Bob now. He is in Charleston. They got there early. He doesn't have access to a computer. He is staying with the boat... They will be at Patriots Point , they are real close to the Yorktown carrier. today is July 2,.. I am his sister Dale

  3. I am sorry I wrote the wrong date- It is July 3rd that I am talking to Bob . they should be in Patriots Point tomorrow July 4th also.
    Bob apologizes that he has not been able to get to the internet the whole trip.