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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Please forgive me for taking so long to get this up.

In Islamorada we took on Julio Salazar, a real hero who took some shrap metal for us in Iraq. He not only wanted to drive but he knew the waters. While we were only 30 foot from the fuel docks we forgot to do the obvious, ask them when they closed. When ever we get to port there are always a lot of things to do and there is never enough time.

We usually sleep on the aft (rear) deck of the boat while moving. You are usually getting soaked while sleeping and bouncing over waves. That takes a few days to get used to. So you are totally exausted when you get to port and try to find somewhere to sleep for an hour or two.

So getting back to the fuel dock, when we went to fill it up, they had just closed 15 minutes before went over. We had to take seven jery jugs to the gas station. There is so much more to tell, I am sure Bob will have it in the next book.

We got to Miami without any problems. We did have to do some running around to get the oil changed.

When we left Miami to go to Cape Canaveral we stopped by a near by bridge to fish for about 45 minutes. Bob and Julio did all the fishing they caught 9 snapper and one grouper. Then the storm rolled in. With lightning all around us, they both got mad at me for insisting that we strap in before we took off. If we got struck by lighning it is the concussion that scares me. That concussion would disoriente us and someone could fall off the boat.

We raced the storm up the coast, out in the ocean. The coast guard snuck up on us off Jupiter Beach.

We stopped in Sebastian Inlet to change riders. That is when we learned that FOX New York did a story about us. Someone walked up to us on the dock and asked us if we were the boat he just saw on FOX and Friends. WOW.

Then off to Cape Canaveral

We took off up the coast in 2-3 seas and anchored off Turkey Key for a few z.

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