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Saturday, July 4, 2009


Bob was still asleep on the deck when I docked. He slept is public view for about two hours. I could not bring myself to wake him. When I moved the boat he woke up.

There was a rally for the Tea Party next to us. Most of these people seemed to love America and the principals that made us great. They all loved our story of using this publicity to promote Do More than just say thanks to the wounded hero and the family left behind.

One Guy wanted to sell a case of shirts for us. Others couldn't believe we still needed more sponsorship. We can't do consignment, but it was cool that the good people of Pine Land Marina, Pine Island, Florida, bought a case to sell. It is our goal to not use any shirt money for the voyage. I know we will get a lot more publicity the farther we go and hopefully from the publicity we will find more sponsorship. Yes, the good people at Interstate Battery and I AM SECOND have helped out a lot but not the full sponsorship.

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