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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Night in North America

There is so much to do before we hit the high seas, again. It is very late and everyone has gone to bed. The good people at Experience Labrador have been letting me use some office space. I have been loading video and pictures all day. We will be adding a lot of pictures to the web site. This is our last night in North America. We will be ending up in a Nuuk Greenland, even though it is the capitol it is still a tiny town.

I am also loading programs in the Panasonic Toughbook that we receied for the voyage. We used it for a lot of pictures and videos as well as maps. We will actually be able to use it on the boat.

Here are a couple of vidos to watch and send to your friends. I promise you, you will enjoy them.

This is what Florida Boys do when they see an Iceberg. Ten million people around the world have heard this story. These are the latest videos:

Requests for interviews from the satellite phone at sea can be coordinated with Bruce, or call 408-829-4193

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