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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New York Cont...

Posted by Anne:

Ralph & Bob are having a time in NYC. They are getting around town by good old foot action. They have delayed the next leg to Boston for a few days until they can get some more Media coverage as you might know right now it is hard because of all the Michael Jackson Coverage. The Fox Show @ 4:00 was an Internet show which we just found out as he did the spot. Although it has over a million viewers Strategy Sessions in an online show. Ralph and Bob met up with Geraldo in the Fox building and gave him some info so who knows what they can accomplish on the ground there. We only have one shot at Media Coverage in New York @ this particular time so they are in town working hard to drum up Media Coverage.

I was told that I should not make it sound like they are relaxing and taking it easy. I should let everyone know that they have been working night & day around the clock and not much relaxing has been going on. It is a tiresome task and lesser men would never ever try to achieve it.

We need to sell DO MORE SHIRTS so please tell your friends!!!

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