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Friday, July 17, 2009

Thu, Jul 16, 2009

Ralph via SAT phone - (Transcribed): Good morning this is Ralph, we're about 40 miles south of Nova Scotia doing some trolling for Tuna, hoping to catch one as big as the boat or close to it! We are in 230 feet of water and getting in a shower and doing some tuna hunting. Last night when we left Boston, it was utterly beautiful. About 2-3 feet waves and wind in our faces. The only thing missing was my wife, it would have been great to have her with me. OK, last night we did about 25 knots and we made good time. I guess we're trolling for a little while so thank you very much. Back to you later. Bye.


  1. Ate a Quater pounder and fried just after having our oil changed courtesy of suzuki and R and R Marine near Boston. We ate the burgers as we launched the boat. We were planning on fishing, but due to darkness, we wanted to be able to video anything that we caught. we decided to fish near Canada in the morning, mistake, Tuna are not near Canada. They hang out near Mass. Fishing should be better up the coat of Canada. Water was somewhat calm during the crossing, getting colder. Wake up freezing and wet. Can't wait till we have ice floating around in the ocean. Bob

  2. In Halifax. We arrived late, their time 1:00 am and had trouble getting permission to park boat. It was agreed that we could stay till 9:00 am. Around 10:00 am, it was figured out and we found a spot. Got through customs after having a difficult time getting the right phone number. We aren't selling any shirts, not sure if we are allowed to do so without permission. We are telling people to purchase them through the website,

    We are leaving around 9:30 am going up toward the French island of St. Pierre Et Miquelon.

    We are near the same tall ships that were in Boston. I went inside of the Spirit of Bermuda. I felt it was cool that they were parked the closest boat to us, because of our last trip, 2 years ago.


  3. Leaving Boston a couple of days ago, I went shopping for food for the Halifax crossing. I bought oranges, carrots, speggetti (cans), soup, 3 juggs of Punch, loaf of bread and peanutbutter and jelly, fruit cocktail (our standard), Our 12 volt plug in heater will only luke warm heat up things and it takes about 45 minutes for that to happen. What else have we to do, but wait to eat. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can't wait and usually eat it cold. We also had a going away present sent by Patrick from the Boston stop over, I can't remember the name of the place, but I have it recorded for the book that I will be writing after the trip. "This time... the whole Atlantic; in a flats boat" Byran, my son came up with the title. I like it. Bob

  4. Anyone that knows anyone who wants to purchase a leg of fuel, please don't hesitate. This voyage is less than a third funded and we will without a doubt be needed some help. I will be glade and greatfull to give them thanks in my next book, besides we don't want to use fuel as an escuse not to finish the trip. We are doing this trip on a tathered shoestring and are not wasting money. Our most expensive meal to date on the trip is a burger. I would have loved to have tasted lobster in New England. (Not in the buget)

    My favorite meal so far on the trip was the breakfast VB News Fox 25 out of Boston bought for us after the interview. We ate at one of his favorite spots; The Fill-A-Buster near the studio. The people there were really nice. They even had everyone be quiet while Ralph was doing an oversea radio interview. We both ate an Western Omlet with a glass of OJ. Thanks VB Bob

  5. Yes, I bashed my right knee while in route to Boston. I never actually felt it get hit, but for a day or so, it was really painful to move, let alone sleep in my hammock on the boat. Allen and Jacky let me sleep at their house. That was the first time that I didn't sleep on the boat since June 27th and I have sleep on the boat everynight since. Hotels currently aren't in the bugget.

    We walked about 2 miles while in Boston to the Home Depot and then 2 miles back at a rapid pace, so as not to be late for an interview. The walk didn't seem to hurt my knee, but it did stiffen up while I took Terry (cousin) and wife Sue along with two of their friends. Bruce and his son also went for a boat ride in the boston Harbor while we paraded around with all the other boats in the safer version of the caddy shack reinactment. The real version was Saturday, the day before. Without overexaggerating, there were thousands of boats, including sailboats tacking along side of huge ferrys.

    It is almost 7:00 pm and I need to get back to the boat. We still haven't acctually seen a whale, hopefully we will tomorrow, if it isn't too foggy. sure wish a radar was in the bugget. We are still looking for a radar reflector, partly purchased by a good guy who donate $20.00 for the purchase of one, while we were in the Keys. It seems that the marinas near the ocean don't stock them on their shelves and we aren't here long enough to special order one. Thanks Patrick for driving me around Boston looking for one the other day.


  6. /bob so glad to see that you are finally blogging. Hopefully people will know that you are notombstone. Enjoy hearing your stories.

    Have fun, be safe and you are in our prayers.

    your family

  7. Glad to see some comments and that you are safe. Chris is hoping you can ping your gps more often. He follows you all the time.

    Stay safe and God bless.

    Love your sister,
    Patricia Marie