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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Phenomenal Amazing Event Occured At Church This Morning ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hello, this is Ralph. We just got out of church. We visited the local United church. One of the most amazing things happened. We are here and we are talking about honoring heroes and in the middle of the sermon the preacher let me get up and speak a little bit, which I was really surprised about. We learned that today was the day that they were honoring one of their fallen, one of their members, a fallen hero. And of all of the days that we could choose, of all of the churches we could have chosen, this was the day that they were honoring their fallen heroes.
This is just one more sign that we have seen that God Almighty has touched this trip. One day I will sit down and start listing all of them for you. From meeting the General who at one time was the Major that actually investigated the incident during which John Harvey, George Holmes and Dewey Johnson died. Through all of the different things that came into play so that we could start this trip, so that we could start it on Faith, knowing that the good people with God’s guidance, good people from all over the world would get behind us to accomplishing the goal of honoring heroes. We are honoring our heroes that give so much, while we give so little. Thank you again.
We are over here meeting some people that have volunteered to help us pull the boat out of the water and change the oil. This is one more sign that good people from all over the world are getting behind this trip. It is just so phenomenal!
God bless you, we will talk later.
Bye Bye

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