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Saturday, July 11, 2009

New York Day 4

Posted by Anne:

If any of you were watching the Early Show on CBS you may have seen two familiar faces. Ralph & Bob were on the plaza this morning trying to drum up some more press. They called home early this morning and said they were there and had talked to Dave Price and Chris Wragge. After that they got ready and set sail into the next phase of their historic journey.

I talked to Ralph this evening and he was in South Hampton living it up with the rich and famous!! Just kidding! He was in the Hampton's and they did crash a Captain's dinner trying to spark more interest in the trip. Soon after our call they were to set sail to Boston to continue their promise of making a difference. They should be in Boston sometime in the next 24-48 hours and I will try to update when I hear from them.

Please join us in doing our best to DO MORE THAN JUST SAY THANKS! Tell all your friends and co-workers about our project and encourage them to buy a shirt or donate or sponsor a portion of this trip. Send this project information to all your face book and twitter friends just like my best friend did today. Let's all do what we can to raise money for our troops because many of them gave everything including their lives for us!! Could we not sell a shirt for them??
Thank You!

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