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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Had to Anchor and Clean Up The Boat

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hi this is Ralph. We left Saint John’s Newfoundland a little while ago. It is an absolutely gorgeous place with wonderful people that we met. Many of them helped out financially.
The one downside of that city is that there is a lot of raw sewage flowing into the harbor. There were many gross items all around our boat. They are building a new plant to fix the problem.
When we came out of the harbor and went a couple of miles, then we anchored. We threw all of our lines out to wash them and ….A whale, a whale!!! Only a about a 100 feet away in front of us, coming towards us. There are birds all around it. I guess they are eating the pieces of fish left by the whale.
We found out that we cannot fish here for cod until tomorrow, so we will be fishing tomorrow and are hoping to catch some cod.
While anchored we are dumping water all over our lines and everything to wash them.
I don’t see the whale, where did it go? Bob turned the boat as he gets out the camera. There is the whale again! He is about 60 feet in front of us. Cool, there he goes. The whale is eating a lot of small fish and the birds get the half pieces left by the whale.
Since we got a real late start we will have to go all night taking turns. We want to be in Saint Anthony by late tomorrow afternoon. There is the whale again, off in the distance, somewhere right close to where we were just a few minutes ago!
Have a great day and God Bless you.

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