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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed – 3 calls combined)
There was lots of fog last night so we are heading up the coast slowly, averaging about 6 miles per hour. We have to be careful as there are many, many small islands off the Canadian coast. Sure wish we had radar…anyway we are plugging along and there it is…a BIG SHARK, as BIG AS THE BOAT!!! The shark had a BIG dorsal fin, BIG tail fin. I turned around to get a better look and I yelled, Bob wake up, Bob wake up….Bob jumps up and we lost our Suzuki, can’t believe it….Before you panic, it’s not a motor, it’s a big vinyl sign, advertising for Suzuki, one of our great sponsors. It has a soft backing and it’s water resistant and we use it for a blanket when we sleep in the back of the boat, and we nicknamed it the “Suzuki”. We lost it last night….but everything else is OK we are out here heading for St Pierre et Miquelon. Do you know anyone there?
By the time we get there we will have gone 3000 miles.
WOW!!! That is 3000 miles in a 21 foot Flats Boat, a very small boat without a cabin or a keel that works perfect in very shallow water as well as the open ocean!!! Everything is running perfect and it’s very exciting and thrilling, but hard work. Thanks and talk to you later, good bye. God Bless.


  1. When in Saint-Pierre & Miquelon make sure you go to the Tourism Office on the main square and speak to Pascal.

    In town, check out the Baratin Bar, the classiest place in town!

    Two museums if you have the time: Heritage and L'Arche (with guillotine). Both feature exhibits on Prohibition.

    Robert Museum claims to have Al Capone's hat.

    Be safe and bon voyage !

  2. Looks like really foggy weather in St Pierre today. You can all check out the town webcams.

    Fog is a blessing in a sense, as when the fog hits - there is little wind.

  3. I hope you get to the local war memorial. We lost over a 100 men in World War I (20 % of men who went to the front).

    During World War II, hundreds of locals joined the Free French and the RAF.

  4. Thank you Miquelon, for sharing the link to the Webcam overlooking St. Pierre Harbor in the comments to Ralph Brown's Blog.

    I've enjoyed visiting your beautiful little village this morning- - from Tampa Bay Florida.

    Best wishes, Renee