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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Garmon 440S GPS map problems

Ralph via SAT phone (trascribed)
This is Ralph Brown, we are so glad you are following us on our journey. We have been at it since 05:00 this AM and got fueled up with 200 gallons of gas in Dartmouth Harbor, we have more in the front than the back this time. Then we went to another harbor to get a chart plotter for the Garmon 440S that was sold to us for $500.00. Guess what this GPS 440S does not cover Northern part of Canada and we found out that they don’t make a chip to upgrade it either. So Thank You very much to the one who sold it to us, saying it was all going to be working. We got another chart and are now on the way.
But No Matter What we are going to be successful on this trip to honor the Wounded Hero and their families. I know there are a lot of Good People out there who support and respect the soldiers and want to step up to the plate and help us help them, We know good people in America, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, England, France and Germany these good people will stand up for Freedom and step up with us to make this a SUCCESS.
We are leaving the Halifax area in the fog, on the way to St Pierre et Miqueleon, and we will see you there tomorrow or early Monday. Have a great day and May God Bless you all.
Bye for now.

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