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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New York Day 3

Posted by Anne:

Ralph & Bob are running around New York and trying to get into media outlets so that they can get the story out. The Media firm that was hired did some press releasing but Ralph is going door by door to met face to face to try to lock in some times before they ship out to Boston. Bob and Ralph were in front of CBS today and ran into Katie Couric and briefly spoke to her and gave some CBS associates info on the voyage. Hopefully they will follow through and we can sell some shirts.

The fact is that we were only partially sponsored when the voyage began and we felt that after the voyage was underway we would get more sponsors and the shirt sales would really catch on. The Reality is that we still need sponsors and we have not had the shirt sales that we anticipated that we would. While they have not been bad they have not been great. So please tell all your friends to support such a wonderful cause because there is not greater cause than freedom.

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