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Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Changed The Oil In The Boat Motor And We Also Changed The Prop In An Effort To Improve Fuel Economy

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hi this is Ralph. It is Sunday night and we are still in Saint Anthony. Today after church we changed the oil in the boat. We changed the prop; we went with a power prop. With the previous prop we have had in there because we have been putting on big loads of fuel and it has not been able to get up on plane. There has been too much load on the motor. So we went to the power prop. The previous prop was a 13 ¼ inch by 21 inches. Now we have gone to a 14 inch by 17 inch. It pushes a little more water. It is not going to be as fast of a boat, but it is going to be less of a load on the motor which in the long run will give us more fuel economy. Believe it or not, that is how it works when you carry all that extra fuel.
We had to change a bilge pump that went bad. One of them stopped working in the storage compartment. We got a lot of help from a lot of local people here that wanted to help us get the boat out of the water. We tested the spare 9 horse power motor. We had trouble getting it started. We eventually did get it started and running good. We want to make sure that everything stays running. We did have to prime it with a little bit of gasoline. It now works fine and things look really good to get going. We are glad to get everything going. We already got our fuel and we are going to leave tomorrow at sun up. Now the sun comes up at 4:30 AM, but you actually get first light about 3:00 AM. So it is 11:00 here now so in about 4 hours we will be getting up and going out. I know it is late and will make for a long night, but these things we needed to do. We will see you tomorrow as we start heading for Cartwright which is just outside Goose Bay Labrador, 260 miles from our last stop in the North American Continent. Then we are heading for Greenland.
You have a great day and God Bless you. Yes it is a lot of work and a lot of hard hours. It is also a lot of fun, but you are missing your family, missing your wife and kids. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of, but our mission is to lift up so many fallen heroes that go through all these many financial problems after they have been wounded. To lift up the spouses and lift up the families left behind, when great men and women stand up for what is right, not just the United Stated, but for Canada and Great Britain as well.
Thank you so much.
God Bless

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