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Monday, July 6, 2009

Charleston, South Carolina

Posted by Anne:
Ralph & Bob had a challenging trip from Jacksonville to Charleston, South Carolina. They decided to run offshore instead of right off the coast and they were in 3-6 ft seas and the bracket that holds the second motor on gave up the ghost!!

Upon getting to Charleston Bernie and Barbara were there to help Ralph get all the parts needed to get it fixed. Ralph & Bob worked until late into the night and still did not finish fixing the boat so they started bright and early July 4. Bernie and Barbara were a blessing and a God send and were there for us the whole time. Thank You!! Your efforts meant more than you will ever know!! Just about the time they thought that was fixed they were giving a ride to Christian (who is Bernie & Barbara's son) and they lost the Flag pole overboard!!

The Kids and I had gone to Charleston to meet Ralph & Bob for July 4Th and to help sell DO MORE SHIRTS. On July 4Th We were docked just aft of the Yorktown and boy was it hot!! Shirt sales were a little slow and the day was long. It was something to be in a place where history is all around you on one of the most patriotic days if the Year!! Please Help US Do More by telling everyone you know about our cause and supporting our troops.

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  1. fantastic progress guys, good job! God Bless. Alan