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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We Finally Made It To Cartwright Which Is In Labrador, Canada

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Good morning, we made it in last night, actually no we did not make it in last night; we made it in early this morning. We are actually at Cartwright in Labrador, Canada, just outside Goose Bay, way up north. This morning, I am not sure what time we came in. Last night we tried to make it through fog and in the darkness while weaving through islands heading into the final destination. We had to go so slow and make a couple of turns through a bunch of islands. Actually we found a couple of places that we could not get through. So finally we were only a mile or so away when we finally threw in the anchor and said we are going to sleep here.
When we woke up this morning we were surrounded by whales, which is kind of neat. We saw a few seals and several whales blowing and eating fish not too far from us. Then we also got surrounded by mosquitoes, wonderful, wonderful mosquitoes this morning. So we were glad to fire the engine up and get moving.
Things are going good. We got in early this morning and met some very, very friendly people. We are actually at an outfitting place right now. The actual name of the outfitting place is Experience Labrador. Great folks up here called Experience Labrador and they have given us a place to take a shower and fresh food and a place to use the phone and answer some phone calls. We are just grateful for it.
Thank you so much and you have a wonderful day.
We will talk to you later. Bye Bye


  1. I saw my first salmon today. Tom from Experience Labrador Tours took me for a ride in his boat out to his gill net. He is aloud to catch up to 6 salmon and 50 trout a year. He has tags that are bright yellow that he has to attach to the salmon right away.

    Tom also helped to refuel our boat. He arranged for a delievery of gas out at the docks. Gas is normally only obtained through jerry cans, we needed to have a total of 310 gallons for our leg to Greenland tomorrow. The pumper truck had to pump out all it's desel fuel and then refuel with gas before arriving at the dock. There was a little trouble with the size of the outlet pipe on the hose and the size of the inlet on the tanks, but Tom figured out the solution, by removing the fill cap assembly. The larger diesel pipe now fit.

    Tom also drove me around to shop for food and a pair of rubber boots for Ralph. Tom then helped to tie the boat up so that it would not get banged around in low tide on the rocks, and still be easy to get in and out of. Thanks Tom! Not to mention all the help Pete and George did for us during our stay at their place of business. "Experience Labrador Tours"

  2. Yes, the water was cold while I was paddling around and taking pictures around the ice-berg.

    We saw over 35 icebergs yesturday on the way to Cartwrite, Labrador. We named about eight of the icebergs so far on the trip. To qualify for a name, pictures of the iceberg are required. We broke the rule on some of the first icebergs, since we hadn't made up the rule yet.

    I missed seeing 3 or four sections of an iceberg fall, I had the camera ready and took a short break for the call of nature and suddenly it was over. Ralph missed the whole thing, because he was asleep. but he did wake up in time to see the ice chuncks all around the berg. We always have to be careful driving around bergs since hitting a chunk of ice could damage the boat or engine. You can not imagine the beauty of an up and personal iceberg. I think Ralph has just uploaded some video of our first encounter with an iceberg on You tube. I think you have to type in Cross the Atlantic, but he said that he is going to try to get some on the site soon.


  3. The book that my son Jonathan and I just had published; "Running for Fun" is now available. We haven't even seen the copy yet. The print on demand published book is available through and might not show up on Amazon or Barns and Noble for a few weeks yet. The book is about Running for Fun, through Jonathan's years of running. He wrote about a fourth of the book while he is currently in High School. He is now a Freshman going to Merritt Island. I believe this is the first high school running book written by a high school athlete and his dad, while the high school athlete is still in high school.

    Bob Brown

    Ralph and I are just finishing up a few last things before we make our crossing to Greenland.