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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Heart Gets Whacked

Few things have humbled me like kids getting involved in the I AM SECOND Wounded Hero Voyage. I learned a few days ago that after a South Carolina News Paper Report talking about the voyage funding shortage, that Christian went out and opened a lemonaide stand and donated 15% of his proceeds. Christian is 11 years old.

This morning a four year old child said He wanted to help with the Wounded Hero Voyage. He had $8.10 from recycling cans. He donated it all. It humbled me. His parents let him do it.

Here is his picture. His name is Jackson Barrett. Get this, his Grandfather is George Barrett, who was adopted. His original name is George Brown, same as my father. His father Tom Barrrett and mother Joanne Barrett run the Experience Labrador, outdoor adventure center, fishing and tour guides. Toms parents George and Pete (Pete is short for Peyton) own it. They have been super helpful to us.

Jackson's cousin Brittany, 12, cooked us pancakes for breakfast today. She makes them thin. I told her that the flat ones are like Crapes, expensive fancy French pancakes. She renamed them ROAD KILL Pancakes. She will always be remembered as Road Kill.

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