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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Bob and I got here yesterday. The tall ship parade was going on as we docked at the Ship Yard Quarters. We went out into the parade. I kid you not there must have been a thousand boats going all around the harbor. We drove around trying to be seen.
As I went down one canal I got to hear "I AM SECOND, I AM SECOND, I AM SECOND. don't go there" We got out of the circle for a little bit and the coast guard was nice enough to direct us back into the circle.

Being on the road and living on such a small vessel has it's own dificulties. Where do you shower? Where do you sleep? on the rear deck. What if it is raining? on the rear deck with a rain coat on. Most problems are overcomable. Missing your wife and kids is tough. My wife, Anne, not only is she a great kisser but is also my best friend. I really miss her.

I miss Phillip, as he gets ready for College. Heath, as he takes something else apart, hopefully it will still work, Brittany, she is just Brittany. Daddy's little girl

I miss church and all my friends at Northcliffe Baptist Church in Spring Hill. In my adult life I don't think I have ever missed church three weeks in a row. Sometimes, you have to just grow up and go to work. That is what this is, work. We have been running non stop for so long. When we are in port there is always a lot to do.

Without publicity it is just a long boat ride. With the publicity we can lift up Sgt John Harvey, Cpl George Holmes, and SSgt Dewey Johnson. With the publicity we can promote DO MORE than just say thanks.

With the publicity we can sell our goal of 150,000 shirts and donate $3,000,000 to wounded hero foundations. That is why when we are in port we are always working on getting publicity.

There is always something to fix. We broke out spare motor bracket, replaced it and then came back and built a reinforcement because it was about to break again. We are constantly unpacking and repacking half the boat.

I am looking forward to our next leg about 425 miles to Halifax Canada. This will be a much slower pace and we intend to do a lot of fishing on this leg. I hope to catch some tuna as big as the boat.

We will be in port until Wednesday at 11 am.
More to come,

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