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Monday, July 20, 2009


Just to let anyone who reads this blog know. Bob and I are determined to finish this trip. It is a NO MATTER WHAT ISSUE. Yes, we still don't have enough fuel and are hoping a few people will decide to buy a leg. Fuel costs about five to six dollars a gallon in Canada (At the water). The boat takes about 250 gallons per leg, some more some less. The longer legs are comming up and the price of fuel seems to be going up.

We started this voyage with only seed money and we know that when we finish the voyage we will get massive media opportunities. We will use those massive media opportunities to promote the DO MORE shirts. Our goal at that time is to sell 150,000 shirts that will give us the opportunity to raise $3,000,000 for Wounded Hero Foundations.

When we started the voyage we were offered much less than we needed to fund the voyage. Bob and I prayed about it and believed it was enough to get started and depend upon the goodness of people. We were hoping the media would help us to get this message out. To this point I am disappointed in the media coverage. However, I realize that most don't realize that we have already gone 3,000 miles in the ocean from Tampa to St. Pierre which is double the World Record.

They seem to have trouble believeing we will actually cross the Atlantic ocean in a flats boat. That is only because no one has ever done it. Smaller boats have crossed but they always had a cabin, a keel, a sail, or an escort. We don't have any of the above, by definition a flats boat cannot have a cabin, a keel, or a sail. Records are broke every day.

We are hoping that a few people who love freedom and honor like I do, would like to buy a leg. Each leg left will have an average cost of about $2,500. That can be done on the donation page or you may call my Wife Anne and she will give you the wire transfer information. We have also applied for a 501(C)3 status so that you can get a tax write off. Please contact Bruce at Bruce@CrossTheAtlantic.Com for her contact information. Please don't contact her to give her a hard time about this voyage. She has done a wonderful job of standing behind me. She doesn't need a bunch of negative comments.

World Records are set by people who are willing to go beyond the normal. That is why they are called World Records. So if you think it is beyond the normal, guess what you are right.

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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment to date! I noticed you haven't "pinged" your location since you were in port at Halifax. Consider periodically "pinging" your location while traveling between ports (maybe hourly) so people can people can track your progress on a near real-time basis as opposed to when you complete a leg. This may increase the coverage and interest that this worthy journey should be receiving.

    Continued good luck and Gods' speed!