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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cape Canaveral

We arrived a few minutes late at Rusty's Restaurant in Port Canaveral. Turns out we knew the owners. While waiting for the TV people from Orlando we learned of the terrible tragedy of a child getting swallowed by a snake and a ride incident in Orlando.

Bob and I both went to Cocoa Beach High School right next door. My wife, Bob's Wife and my sister in law, Shelley, with her son Micah, came to see us.

We needed some video so Bob loaned his camera to a friend who went to the jetty, we raced around the jetty only to find out the friend did not have the camera on. Earlier when Bob jumped off the boat to take video in the storm, the camera malfunctioned. We still don't have good video of the boat at speed.

We left for Jacksonville much later than planned. While bouncing over 3 footers we lost the flag pole. It floats we drove around in circles for a about a half hour thank God the bottom foot is white. That is what helped us to find it.

We had to go wide around the Space center watching for many metal buoys including one with no lights. That is not cool at night. I saw it with the spot light, I can't believe it was directly in our path. That would have shortened our trip.

The trip up the St Johns river to Jacksonville was without incident. Just beautiful going past all the big ships. Bob was sound asleep on the aft deck.

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  1. we traveled up the ocean coast and came in to Jacksonville by way of the St. John's river from the Atlantic. Bob Brown