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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leaving Halifax Harbor in very heavy fog....+Update..

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
We are in the process of leaving Halifax harbor, we're heading out. Right now it's Saturday morning at about 09 30 EST about 10 30 our time, we're in a heavy, heavy fog we can only see less than 50 feet in any direction, we hear horns from other vessels around us and are scared they are coming down on us.I wish we had a radar, but we don't have a radar. We are heading northwest looking for Dartmouth Yacht Club, hearing horns of big vessels from left and right and behind us as we move forward through the fog. There is a huge shipping ‘thing’ going on here with tall ships in Halifax Nova Scotia. I see a reflection of something in the distance, I don't know what it is but I see it. It is exciting we're moving closer and closer looking for Dartmouth yacht club, we have to get 200 gallons of fuel before we head for St Pierrre Miqueleon, French Territory. Now there is a horn blasting behind us, and we don't see it, but we hear it. We have to send a return blast from us, as we're going through the fog at Halifax harbor, Nova Scotia before we go to St Pierre Miquelone. We got a lot of attention and people here. There is a red light up ahead, we don't know what it is, we can’t see it in the fog, We have to be careful, we may have to get out of here fast. I have to get off the phone and really pay attention so we can get out of here. The fog is closing in on us now. The visibility is about 8-10 feet less now, as we move out of the Halifax Harbor. We’ll get back with you later with some more information, goodbye
Halifax - July 17th -
We arrived at Bishops Landing at 12:30 AM July 17, and stayed at a slip provided by Peter Murphy. The local people we met were extremely friendly and supportive. All the tall ships people were very nice.
We slept on the boat while in harbor and enjoyed the local coffee shop Cafe Ristretto where we had internet access.
We left at 9:30 AM July 18 - on our way to St. Pierre et Miquelon (French Island off the coast of Newfoundland).

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  1. God is watching over you...are you wearing your life preservers???! :)
    Blessings & Be Safe!