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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel in the UK contacted us this week. They want more video for a Televison Series called Trawlers, Ships and Rescues. They have some part of the story where we refused to be towed in by the Royal National Life Boat in a storm off Yarmouth England.

We had asked for directions to the nearest harbor and they offered to show us in, but when they saw the boat they insisted that they tow us through the storm. We refused to be towed. They continued insisting, we continued to refuse. Finally, the Coast Guard Explained to them that we came all the way from Florida. They then showed us in. We did not know Discovery Channel was on the boat.

They filmed us coming in both from the vessel and from shore. The shore video I understand is pretty cool. It shows this large rescue vessel being tossed around and this tiny flats boat coming on through the storm.

Go Intruder Flats Boats!

I wanted to let you know that I am accepting speaking engagements on behalf of the DO MORE Campaign. I expect to get my travel expenses and I have to have the ability to promote the Do More Shirts.

Also, the boat was scheduled to arrive today. We currently do not have the funds to get it out. We still need to pay for shipping expenses. $5,700 plus an additional $300 in miscellaneous expenses. There ought to be a corporation who wants a lot of brownie points with the military for helping with the I AM SECOND Wounded Hero Voyage.


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