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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why The Trip

Hi Again,

Bob and I are back home in Florida after crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the smallest powerboat to ever make the crossing in human history. Bob is fast at work writing his book on the voyage and working his house painting business. I am continuing the Do More Campaign and working on Dream Boats, Inc.

I made the trip for three reasons,

The first one is a private reason, I will keep it private.

Two, to fulfill a 29 year old promise I made to God and to Sgt John Harvey, Cpl George Holmes, and SSgt Dewey Johnson the day after they were killed in Operation Eagle Claw. I was told I would be going to Iran to take back the Embassy. I did not go. They went they died. While I made the promise to the three marines it is really to all men and women who put on a uniform to protect others.

It is our goal to help wounded hero foundations in their names and to make sure their names are not forgotten. At this moment in time, more than 20 million people have heard their names because of our voyage. That number is still growing. The Do More Campaign is part of this.

Three, I wanted to show off my boats. We developed these boats that can operate in extremely shallow water and still be strong enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean. I did this to hopefully find some investors as well as to show the world the boat. There are several magazines articles coming out in November and December issues about our voyage.

I spoke at our church last night and am speaking for several VFW, Marine Corps League, and Rotary Club meetings as well as we are hoping for a national talk show like Oprah to promote the Do More Campaign.

I wanted to let each person who expressed an interest in our voyage know that we are looking for Investors for Dream Boats. Most people don’t realize how much money is involved in the boating industry or how big a deal the shallow draft and high seas stability will be once we get into production. I don’t know of another boat sold at any price that can run as shallow and still be stable in heavy seas.

My long term growth plans for the company indicate that ownership of Dream Boats stock could become a very precious possession. With a major portion of my share of the profits I want to build the Kristy Brown Memorial Hospital in Honduras.

Please don’t feel pressured to do anything. This is just an opportunity.

If this is something you would like more information on please let me know.

Ralph Brown


  1. In case anyone is interested, I have over thirty hours of HD video taken during our voyage. I am hoping that we can find a company to help sponsor a documentary of the trip. I don't think it would be that hard to clip enough sections of the voyage and have someone with a good voice do a voice over. Bob Brown

  2. Up date on the book -You've Got to Be Kidding!- This time the whole Atlantic in a flats boat by Robert Brown I am on page 83 we are just leaving Boston going out to sea. Bob Brown

  3. You may like to talk to Dylan Winter
    He has a unique video style which would do wonders for your footage. He is also a "boatie" , see
    His style is laid back pommie (British) rather then "in your face" Yankee (American) . . . you may be able to come to some accommodation. . . I look forward to the (any) result. . . Dave H