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Friday, October 2, 2009

internet radio interview

Internet Radio Interview Today Friday October 2, 12 pm

You GOT to hear this story……………………….
or listen to the replay at any time afterwards.

You can listen to the true story of Ralph and Bob Brown who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a
Flats Boat,

You got to see this boat, it has no cabin, no keel, no sail, no autopilot, no escort, and they had to carry their own fuel.


  1. Hey Ralph - Awesome interview with Karen, you painted a pretty good picture of what you are in it for. It is a win, win situation for all who supports the cause of your trip and for anyone that wants to invest. I pray that the windows of heaven are opened and the blessings fall on you and your family.

    I just finished listening to the radio interview and Karen did a great job getting out the story Crossing The Atlantic. You continue to show the strength of your faith and the determination to show the public this is a sea worthy boat and that the captain knows what he is talking about.
    May God continue to prosper you as your soul prospers.

    For anyone reading this, the interview is worth listening to. The only thing that I wanted was to hear was the end of the interview...(cuts out). Ralph your spirit and light heartedness makes you just want to support the cause.

    God Bless ya,

  2. There is a Second segment where the interview continues to the end. There was a glitch in the First part.

  3. How do you find the second part? I downloaded the piece to real player and the side was all the way to the right. My only choice was to play it again, I did not see a part II.

    1. the second segment can be found at:

  4. It's on the Karen Rands page on the left side in the "On demand Episodes" section (just above the original airing).
    Says "show continues with ralph brown".