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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After Being Stopped By The French Police, We Enjoyed A Perfect Night With An Orange Moon And We Made It To Rotterdam ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Last night we pulled into Dunkerque Harbor in France. It was an absolutely beautiful trip from London all the way over there, glassy day, calm seas, just as nice as can be! I think God smiled on us after we had to fight for London as ever inch of ground we took to get to London was a fight. Things were falling apart. We just moved forward. We lost several things. It was a fight. But, that trip across the English Channel was just as glassy and as calm as could ever be.
However, when we got to Dunkerque we could not go through customs. We could not meet with the Harbor Master. We could not do anything until morning. So Bob and I said forget this, we are moving. We came on to Rotterdam. We got here this morning. The trip from Dunkerque to here was as gorgeous as you could imagine. The most beautiful sunset anybody has ever seen! Then a bright orange moon popped up!
As the bright orange moon went away as we were cruising along I decided to take a nap. Only one thing, I was not allowed to sleep. I had to sit up and enjoy it, because it did not take long before the French Police were coming up behind us. (Police siren sounds) They were checking us out. After they stopped us and checked out our names, and all of that kind of stuff, they let us go. But, it was kind of exciting. They were excited about the I Am Second Wounded Hero Voyage!
As we headed up we got into Rotterdam in the wee hours of the morning. We asked somebody for directions and he was a harbor pilot. He said “ah, come on over here”, so we ended up in their office and the police came out. Immigration came out at 3:00 in the morning!
We were going down the Rhine passing ships right and left. It was dark out, we had moon light and the stars were out. It was nice! Our last day at sea was some time to remember! It was the most beautiful night at sea we have had the whole trip.
Right now we are in Rotterdam. The Mayor has come out to meet with us. The newspapers are already here and the television news media are coming out.
Then we are going to shoot on down the river toward our final destination Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. It is a 270 mile run from Rotterdam to Landstuhl. We will do almost all that in one day. We will be there tomorrow morning.
Take care, God bless. Bye

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