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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some pictures

Here is what the T-Top looks like every pole is broke in at least one place most are broke in two or three places. We have held it together with knives, wooden strips, and wrenches that we have wire tied and taped into place with duct tape then used a pile of rope to hold it down. We also cut Bob's pole up to reinforce it.
We also broke the motor mount for the spare motor twice. We also broke the hydraulic pump on the jack plate. The boat remains seaworthy in our opinion even though we have damaged the deck, as we have more than 500 miles to go.
We also lost the motor cover and built this make shift one out of extra signs I AM SECOND knew to bring the day before we would need them. We asked for two they provided six not knowing that we would need them to keep the motor from stalling because it was getting wet as waves and gale force winds would pound us.


  1. One of my goals on this trip was to see the Harry Potter Movie in London. Tonight I was dropped off at the Theater that was supposed to be playing the movie. Wrong, the movie was playing in 5 minutes on the other side of London. I then spent the next hour walking around before attempting to fighure out how to buy a train ticket back to the Lime House Marina. My destination was in section 2 and my departure was also in section 2, anyway, I will not bore you with the details, but I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out what was off-peak hours and gave up and figured if I was wrong then I would just get yelled at. I could take that, so I bought the ticket.

    I made it back to the CA cabins in the Limehouse Marina. Maybe tomorrow, I'll give Harry Potter another shot if we are still here in London. We have to be in Germany on the 11th. We can't be late. Then it is off to home, hopefully we can figure out how to ship the boat back.

    We won't be going to Paris, after all. It is too far out of the way. We would love to go there, but time is not something that we have. We both have jobs to get back too and we both miss our families.

    We will be traveling up the Rhine which boarders Fance, so we still get to visit a couple of French towns. It is my understanding that we will be taking the Rhine as cose as we can to the hospital in Germany and someone is going to pick us up in a truck with the boat and we will travel to the hospital, not sure of the spelling so I won't even try.

    Bob Brown

  2. We discovered another 2 breaks in the broken poles in the front supports of the T-top. These poles already have been broken in multible places. More duck tape and scraps of wood. It only has to hold for another 500 miles. I can't wait till we video tape the removal of all the duck tape to show all the actual damage. That will probably happen either in Germany or in Tampa. Bob Brown

  3. We had another boat take some video and stills in front of a bunch of London famous locations on the Thames. Some of them will be put up somewhere in the next couple of days.

    I enjoy going through the locks. Watching all the water run in and push the boat back and forth while it is tied or held by the ropes, but be sure not to touch the walls, they are usually slimmy.

    Bob Brown