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Friday, September 18, 2009

Armed Forces Network

Wow we just got a lot of press on the Armed Forces Network. I understand it ran in both the US and in the States.

Here are the links to two seperate articles.

Here is the first article.

Here is the follow up article.


  1. Good to have you back Bob I'm sure it feels good to be back home.

    Congratulations to you and Ralph!!!!

    What incouragement it must have been for those wounded soldiers to meet with you both, knowing their sacrifices are appreciated and to also see someone on the outside step into their world. I am sure the exchange will never leave you or Ralph...

    What a great example of courage and endurance that has come forth with this mission coming to a close. Everone that has followed this journey has learned something more about themselves and certainly realize they can do more than Just Say THANKS!

    May the good LORD continue to bless you and your family Bob, and the next step is to get Ralph home safe and sound for his family to gather in VICTORY of it all.

    God Bless,
    Debbie W.