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Friday, September 4, 2009

We Have Just Stepped Foot In London And Have Set Multiple World Records ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
At 6:40 PM tonight Zulu time, Greenwich Time, Bob and I stepped foot off of the I Am Second Intruder made by Dream Boats, making world history as the smallest power boat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean! We stepped into London Territory! It is also the first flats boat to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean, and also the longest ocean voyage in a flats boat! We have reached that point and made the step off.
We are standing at the, they call it the “Cruising Association House”, at the Limehouse Marina in downtown London. It is exciting that we are actually here! By the way it is a beautiful place. Here we are!
We will talk with you later. We still have to finish out the I Am Second Voyage when we get over to Frankfurt Germany, we will stop in Paris on the way. But, we are here now in London! What an exciting time!
God bless you, talk to you later. Bye


  1. congrats on making it to london. be sure to take a break and hop a double decker, go upstairs and just cruise the city, very good time and very relaxing. you guys deserve some no stress times. keep on keepin on. jb

  2. These supposibly easy miles along the coast of Orkney Islands, Scottland and England have been a bunch of tough miles. Not really dangerous, just grueling. Always in 40 mph winds and close together waves. The waves have in most cases, been less than 5 foot, We cut my front yard flagpole,(brought along for the purpose of reriting the boat in the even of a capsize, for cameras, and to use to hang my hamock on in harbours) in half and used it to brace up the T-top. without the pole, we would have without a doubt, be without the T-top. I can reassemble the pole so we will still have our pole after the trip.

    This is stuff that you can't make up. Just before getting to the Thames River we were skirting the shoreline so that it would block some of the wind and we could go fast. Thank God, Ralph was driving when he hit an underwater steel pole with the motor. The noise was herendous. We looked back at the motor in time to see the motor cover flying 20-foot in the air. I thought the trip was going to be stalled again. I can't believe the motor was still working. the force of the hit was great enough to knock the three heavy duty latches that hold the top on, had to be incredible . We were now idling so the motor was running through mud, slow to move and turn around. by the time we got to the cover it had sunk and was gone.

    We were now driving without a cover in 40 mph winds with water splashing all over the motor. The motor was starting to mis fire and sputter, sometimes so bad that I couldn't believe it was still running. Lucky for us, Interstate Battery had just given us 6 new signs the night before when we met the owner of the company. What are the odds that we'd need those signs to make a sheild against the water and save the motor from stalling out from water all over the electronics. At this time we were still about 50-ish miles from London.

    I think God wants this story to be fasinating, What are the odds that our boat would be named "I AM SECOND" meaning God is First. The person, group, or company that sponsored us with the most money had the honor of naming our boat for the purpose of the trip. All thoughout the trip, we have been commenting on "What are the odds". Someone early in the trip said, 100 percent; God has a hand in it, or something to that effect.

    P.S. I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE FROM SUZUKI IS READING THESE BLOGS, CAUSE I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO HAVE A COVER FOR THIS SUPERB MOTOR THAT HAS BEEN SO GOOD TO US. hint hint there might be some photo ops that would look good with the name Suzuki on the motor.

  3. Fantastic effort boys. . . . The Gods may be watching but you make your own luck. . . . your perseverance is inspiring. . . May the rest of the trip be smooth sailing . . . . Dave H

  4. I just want to say THANKS to all the people that made this trip possible for me.

    First, that Ralph picked me to be is partner on this ONCE IN A LIFE-TIME ADVENTURE.

    My wife, Jill for supporting me and allowing me to be away for all this time,

    My Kids, Bryan and Jonathan, for believing in me to go and do something that everyone said couldn't be done and helping their mom out while I was away.

    My Mom, for the positive encouragement even though she didn't really want us to go.

    I Am Second, and Interstate Battery, for without them, this trip could never have been started.

    All the smaller sponsors who felt confident enough to take a chance with either some inkind sponsorship or money.

    All the people that have donated to our funding and to the cause of "Do More Than Just Say Thanks."

    All the many, many friends that we have made along our way. It is so hard to say goodbye to all the people that have come into our lives for such a short period of time. Without the guys that drove us to the Gas station to carry our Jerry Cans, had the truck meet us at the dock, made the phone calls to the media, gave us a meal, helped us with a repair, gave us a discount on a purchase, place to spend the night, gave us a tour of their homeland, treated us to an event, introduced us to the right person.... THIS TRIP WOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH, MUCH HARDER... THE PEOPLE THAT I AM TALKING ABOUT KNOW HOW WE FEEL. "THANKS AGAIN" Bob Brown

  5. I am so glad you made it safe. Thank God. love,Dale

  6. I have been taking tons of pictures and video with a HD camera. I would love to post a lot of pictures, except that the camera from Sony has a difficult program to open the pictures; a PMB file, whatever that is. I had a little camera that I used until it stopped working near Canada and Ralph's little camera that somehow survived the video "4,000 miles" or something like that, eats batteries like they are mints. I guess it didn't like it's salt water shower.

    Also, I don't think it is possible to post pictures from the comment section, this is where I write. And anyone that knows me, knows that I am nearly computer illiterate. I spend hours trying to get these wireless laptops connected to the internet. Whenever Ralph is around he can usually figure it out.

    Ralph is always working, staying up most of the night, so I usually don't bother him unless I get so frustrated that I'm about to throw the computer through a window or donate it to the Atlantic.

    Bob Brown

  7. Great job guys. So proud of your achievement. Take a break and enjoy a few English pints! God bless you both. Alan (from Charleston)

  8. Well done to you both, your internal strength from whatever source has seen you achieve this tremendous voyage. Enjoy London no other city is quite like it, maybe one day we'll see you all back in Wells. Take care and fair winds.
    Wells Chandler

  9. Congratulations Ralph and Bob!!!!
    You guys are awesome to have accomplished such a journey. Like everyone has said GOD was watching over both of you and gave you what you could handle and you guys made the best of it. Great job!!! Enjoy your time in London and the rest of your trip, safe travel and we will see you when you get back. You are in our prayers.

    Cathy, Hunter and Catharine