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Monday, September 14, 2009

Weisbaden and Landstuhl

We arrived in a town called Wiesbaden; although we have not seen them it is full of hot springs. The name actually means meadow baths. We have parked the boat at the Wiesbaden Yacht Club. At first we could not find anyone who spoke English. Now we have found several.
The Armed Forces Network has a television and radio team in Wiesbaden. We did a radio program and they did a television piece which has yet to air. I am looking forward to seeing it.
We rented the cheapest car we could find a little Fiat, with signs all over it advertising Bushbinder car rental for only $29 per day. It is pretty easy to spot us.
The first night we slept on the boat, not in the boat, because there is no "in" the boat. The last two nights we slept in the rental car. We are in the fund raising business not the fund spending business. Last night a really nice lady from the Armed Forces Network, Amanda, bought us a night in the Ramstein Inn, a super nice yet super inexpensive place to stay on Ramstein AFB.

On, Friday, Sept 11 we got a VIP tour of Landstuhl Hospital, the Fisher House, and the Landstuhl USO. We met two guys that just got blown up in Iraq Wednesday. While we were coming down the Rhine, they were being attacked by a suicide bomber. They had severe burns and you could tell they were in pain but they enjoyed our visit. It was a humbling experience. These actually wanted our autographs. They are the heroes not us.
There is so much more to say and to do. I am trying to get the boat back to the states as well as Bob and I. There is room for a sponsor to jump in now and be known as the ones who shipped the boat back. Shipping is about $3,500 by ship and air fare for Bob and me, well, probably another $1,500. We are trying to get the Air Force to help us.
It has been suggested that we keep the voyage going and even make a television show out of it. "Boating with the Brown brothers, European Tour" then off to the Middle East. The only way we could do that is with a large sponsor. Right now we have families to see and a lot of work to do. We also need to get to work getting people to join the Do More than just say thanks team. We are not even close to our goal of 150,000 team members.
More later along with pix from the last night at sea.

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  1. Take heart good men, If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. At the start of your journey, the naysayers turned their heads away because what you were attempting was not just impossible, but foolhardy.

    Now that it is done. Only the wise will humble themselves to the true lesson - Do what God has called you to do, even if it seems impossible.

    I am awestruck to share the wisdom, DO MORE!