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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moving on

The guys at the RNLI, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, are super. I did not know that they were all volunteers. These guys absolutely loved the I AM SECOND Wounded Hero Voyage. I tell you what these guys are Super Heroes in my book. They go into harm’s way all the time to pick up distressed vessels.
Now, they have some pretty good equipment, but these guys do it for free, well they get paid about $10 per rescue, so it is almost free. They do it because they love to do it.
This is why we need to grow the DO MORE Campaign, organizations like this one should not have to worry about financing. If everyone who hears this message or reads about our voyage donates $30 (Close to £20) organizations like this one would not need to worry about money.
Everyone says they care and they support the cause, but some really mean, "I support the cause with my neighbor’s money, not with mine." If we are not willing to come up with a small donation we are not being honest with ourselves when we say, "I support the troops", or "I support the cause".
Some say what will my $30 or £20 do? Not much, but in connection with everyone else’s $30 or £20 it can change the world. So let’s change the world.
We are heading on, the winds are out of the west at 32 to 55 knots, and we will go to as far as we feel reasonably safe. We hope to make it in to London tonight.


  1. Rushing toward London every chance we could, still have us miles away. Today we met with our biggest Sponsor in England, since we couldn't get to London before he was scheduled to fly back to the states. Some members of I Am Second and the owner of Interstate Battery came out to congratulate our voyage. They took us out for a great dinner and got us both a room at a hotel. "Thank you"

    We felt bad that the weather was slowing down our forward progress and want everyone to know that we are just hours of sea travel away. Bob Brown

  2. Bob & Ralph,

    Just to let you know that our Friday morning phone call group convened this morning and offered many praises to the Lord for your safe travel through perilous seas, and your incredible perseverance in making this epic journey. We are so proud of you both, and look forward to welcoming you home.

    Keep pressing on and our prayers will go with you.

    Seann Maxwell