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Friday, September 4, 2009

I Am Second and Interstate Batteries Came To Meet Us And Provided Additional Support As We Continue On To London ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hi this is Ralph Brown with the I Am Second Wounded Hero “Cross The Atlantic” Voyage. I want to say that we are not in London yet. We had major breakdowns yesterday as far as our t-top and we tied it with a million ropes. Every single pipe on the t-top is broken at least in one place, most of them 2 or 3 places. We are going to try to keep the t-top on the boat all the way to Frankfort.
We were into some, I guess it was gale force 8 and 9 yesterday part of the time, I am not sure, but it was pretty heavy winds against us and it was really rough on our t-top that is falling apart. We are still going to make it in. The seas were not real rough, some roughness, probably some 4 to 6 foot real heavy chop, but most of it was not that bad. It was the wind and the t-top falling apart.
We could only make 60 miles yesterday. We did stop to meet with one of our sponsors last night. The good people from I Am Second and Interstate Batteries came over and gave us some additional money which we are grateful for.
Anyways, we are still making this happen. We are grateful for everybody that gets involved in the project.
God bless you. Bye Bye

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