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Monday, September 7, 2009


1. We leave London tomorrow morning for Calais, France then to Rotterdam and down the Rhine heading for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

2. Suzuki brought us a new motor cover today, Thank you Suzuki.

3. The accurate mileage as of today is 7,682 miles according to our GPS.

4. We would appreciate anyone who copies the press release (a few blogs past) and fits it to their local press. This is an everyone issue..... DO MORE....... Be sure to change the date put Bruce as the contact person (USA) 408-829-4193

5. We are also willing to do on air interviews with Radio Stations. I am usually pretty good at stopping the boat anywhere and making the call. I have to admit I have missed a couple, but I have kept most.

6. We have been staying with the Cruising Association, The Cruising Association is the largest organised group of sailing and motor cruising enthusiasts in the UK. From its purpose-built London headquarters the Association provides members with information wherever they cruise. A members-only website offers downloadable cruising guides, up-dates to published pilot guides, and a wealth of other
information contributed by members. Thirteen Area Sections organise
lectures and social events for members in the UK, and also those
cruising in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas, and the European Inland
Waterways. visit their website at:

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  1. Hi there, Ralph and Bob. I met you at Granton, Edinburgh after you made it into harbour at midnight. I was one of the 5 crew of the training yacht, Stark Ravin. I've been following your progress since then and want to offer you my congratulations on reaching London. An amazing achievement for such a worthwhile cause. Well done, both of you and I AM SECOND. Good luck for the final few miles. All the best, Wendy Frost