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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tampa..........Home Bound

Tampa Bound, after completing the I AM SECOND Wounded Hero Voyage, from the command center in Tampa, Florida to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center just outside Frankfurt, Germany in the smallest powerboat in the history of the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean, we are going home.
Barring some kind of miracle where the Air Force can break through its red tape, we are sending the boat back on a commercial ship, to the states tomorrow. I will be flying back on Thursday, Sept 24, 2009.
Several people have asked when I will be arriving so they can make some kind of media thing. I will be arriving in Tampa International Airport at 6:22 pm on flight #1291 coming from Charlotte NC, after a long flight from Frankfurt, Germany.
Ralph D. Brown
Coordinator is Bruce 408-829-4193
Requests for interview through
SPM Communications
P.S. We received the video from Her Majesty's Search and Rescue Helicopter. This is the one that videotaped us running through gale force winds with gusts of near hurricane strength in 10 - 12 foot seas while hovering above us.
Details of the voyage can be seen on the blog at


  1. Did you make it home Ralph???

  2. Since nobody's continuing to update things I thought I'd fill the lull with an interesting URL: