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Friday, September 4, 2009

Loosing Suzuki # 2

Thirty miles outside of the Thames (Tims) river leading up to London, we hit a pipe under the water. The boat slid over it fine; however, the motor did not do so well. We can't bring it up all the way because the Jack Plate bit the dust during an earlier crossing. The pump bracket broke.
The motor slammed into the metal pipe and kept right on running however, the impact caused the engine cover to bounce off and sink before we could get back to it.
Shortly thereafter we were going into 40 mph plus winds with super choppy and steep four to five footers we got the engine wet. It wanted to cut out in the middle of a washing machine type situation. Usually these are some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, but because of the storm there were hardly any vessels on the water at all. (It doesn't take a whole lot of brains to figure out why; I guess that shows you a little about us, not too smart.) I ran it super slow while getting soaked and praying, don't let us fail this close to the finish line.
It dried out enough to keep moving. Bob came up with a great idea. We had asked Interstate Battery and the I AM SECOND team to make us new signs out of corrugated plastic. We asked for two they made six. Bob made an engine cover out of three. They were the only things we had that would work and it just so happens that we received them last night, just in time.
Suzuki, if you are reading this, we need a new engine cover, a lot of pictures are being taken, and a lot more will be soon.

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