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Monday, September 7, 2009

MSNBC did a special

Check this out

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  1. For those of you Harry Potter fans, my day today was this. Got up at 7:00, ate and worked on labling pictures on the laptop. Worked on getting addresses for Ralph to email. Went for walk and stopped to order more bus-cards at a printer near the Tower Bridge. While waiting for the cards, I decided to look for a movie theater. I was told by a girl while crossing the street, that my best bet was either the I-Max or a square (can't remember the name). She then went over to the magazine store to varify the times for me. It was a little confusing, so I decided to start walking a couple more miles. Decided to check out the I-Max first. Found it and bought a ticket for 6:00. Ran half way back then decided to get a all-day bus pass. Cheap 3.8 pounds (1 pound is about 1.7 dollars)and road back to help Ralph for a couple of hours. I was also here to put the new Suzuki cover on the boat. (Thanks Dave from Boating Mania who drove over from the other side of London with a new cover off of a 100 hp show-room motor after Suzuki called them and asked them if they could help us out)

    Got on the DLR(train line) and went on two trains to get to the Waterloo Bridge and the I-Max theater. Saw the movie and sat up fast when they showed the ocean scene with the clifts. Our Faroe Island episode strangly resembled the movie, only we didn't have the benefit of light.

    Spend a couple of hours walking around and catching a couple of buses back after I found out that my all-day bus pass wasn't good for the DLR. Ops on the way over. Now I am back on the computer.