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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Being Responsible

The storm has caught us. The wind is supposed to turn out of the West and has yet to do so. If it turns out of the west we will be able to hug the coast and run all the way down to London. But since it has not turned, we are running straight into a strong wind well over 40 mph and gusts a lot higher. There are a lot of shoals all around and it is dark out, the waves are getting bigger every minute and breaking. Bob points out how irresponsible it is for us to be out there when there are plenty of ports all around for us to duck into.
Know what, he is right, so I reluctantly agreed to stop into the next port. Once we enter we find that we were the only boat there was facing directly into the wind with nowhere to hide. So I suggested we go to the next one, Bob wanted to call the Coast Guard for directions, fair enough.
They don't want to give us directions but rather send a boat to show us the way. Ok, the boat gets there and wants to tow us.
That is where I say NO WAY, they can't believe it. After further discussion with the Coast Guard, they reluctantly agree. We follow them into the next port. It was rough, real rough, but the Intruder took it well.
They were all excited as they could not believe we came all the way from Florida. They had a film crew on board, from the Discovery TV series, they are making a new series on search and rescue. I can't wait to get to see the video. Unfortunately, we will not be on time for London. In the morning we will look again, in gale force winds waiting for the turn.

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