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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trying to get the boat shipped back

We are at Ramstein Air Force Base trying to get the boat shipped back by the United States Air Force. I talked to one General, he was very impressive. He told me he would ship it back if he could get the red tape cleared up, so we are waiting on red tape. Hopefully they will do it. They called this morning and said they were still working on it.

We of course are looking at other posibilities just in case the answer is No.
Here are a few random pictures.

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  1. In case people are wondering, we are not on vacation. We have spent the last couple of days mainly on the internet at the USO in Ramstein. We are still trying to promote the thyme: Do More for the Wounded Hero and the Family Left Behind. If anyone knows anyone in the media, please tell them our story. Also, we are tying to find other options for getting back to the States with the boat. Bob Brown