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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Miracle ! ! !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Last night was one of those weird ones. Yesterday afternoon we were late leaving Reykjavik harbor, surprise, surprise, surprise. It’s hard to leave when we meet so many good people and make so many nice friends. Before we left we stopped to return the keys at Brokey yacht club and there were some guys there from US who donated $200.00. We want to thank them for donating towards expenses etc, etc.
When we went to get gas, they wouldn’t take our credit card, they only take certain credit cards and that you can get. So then we were able to use that $200.00 that was donated, imagine that….to pay for gas, that was just enough gas to get to the island where we were not going to stop at but we had to stop at anyway, we almost were not going to stop anyhow, but before that the oil light came, not the change oil light, so we stopped anyway and everything was fine. We think it is just a lose wire. But we stopped and checked everything out on this island and there was this guy with a fancy camera that took lots and lots of pictures. He never said he was a photo journalist, but we sure think he was. It was one of those opportunities we needed to make. We just left Westmen Island full of gas, going very smoothly, weather is beautiful, rolling breeze, four footers, calm seas, absolutely gorgeous, and beautiful. We also know we are just ahead of the big storm. The storm is coming up behind us.
It’ll take us a couple of hours burning off enough gas before we can go faster, we will be putting along at 8-9 mph heading toward Faroe Islands. We’ll get there tomorrow around noon give or take; it depends on how we beat the storm. We should be seeing some big seas. We might get that chance. We’ll talk to you later; have a great day, and God Bless.

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