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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We Finally Found Gas in Kagsimiut (pop. 47) WITH ONLY ONE QUART LEFT ! ! ! Now we are in Qaqortoq Greenland Recouping After 6 Long Cold Days At Sea !

Ralph via SAT phone (transcribed)
Hi, we made it! It took 6 days at sea on the Intruder 21. You know what; we were never scared about the boat, not one bit. We were concerned because of the fuel issue that we might have had to pull up anchor and drift back to Canada and start over again. But we didn’t have to. By God’s grace we were able to make it! We made it back; you won’t believe this, to a place where we bought gasoline with only one quart of gasoline left. I call that God smiling on us. Anyways, we made it safe. We get to see beautiful, beautiful country, mountains and icebergs everywhere. We have been here since early morning and are running around all over the place in this unbelievably gorgeous country. I saw the moon last night, so beautiful, wish my wife was here sitting next to me. It was absolutely gorgeous. It’s been an exciting time, yes we were very cold, and yes we were freezing cold. But you know that is what this adventure is about, that is what this mission is about. We were shaking cold, but we never doubted. We are so grateful that things worked out the way they did. Now we are going to recoup, actually I broke down and bought a hotel room. We are going to Tasilaq Greenland next and then on to Iceland.
Anyways have a great day God bless you, thanks for following our voyage.
Don’t forget about Wounded Heroes that’s what it’s all about, people who put their lives on the line. Could be a fireman, could be a police officer, in many cases it is a military person.
Thank you so much for your support of our wounded heroes. Thank you. Bye Bye


  1. Bob and Ralph,

    Great job!!! You made it across!! We never doubted you guys would make it. Get plenty of rest and hot food, maybe you could find some Gortez boots or waterproof boots or Gortex jackets, they really help. So continue on the great job of your journey and may God continue to bless and watch over you.

    Cathy L

  2. Hi Bob and Ralph,
    Hope you have a safe and warmer trip to Iceland. We check the website several times a day and Jill gives us reports in the morning and after lunch. All the girls think you are nuts but the guys wish they were there with you. What a blast.
    Keep safe,
    Jim and Susan

  3. Hi!

    Where is the picture of os in Qaqortoq??

    You and your brother and Anders and I Finn in your boat