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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Icelandic Storms

There is a storm brewing and we need to beat feat to the next stop, Vestmann Island. We are trying to get to Faroe Islands then on to London. There is so much more I want to say about Iceland and the people we met here. Icelandic Seafood is coming on as a minor sponsor and 66 North is providing some tremendous fantastic cold foul weather gear as well as quality boots and gloves. We sure could have used these in Greenland.

We have been here trying to do two things, one find enough capital to finish the trip and two wait out a storm. Interstate Battery made another donation of $7,500 which we are grateful for and should cover the fuel cost for the rest of the trip and Icelandic Seafood Group is also helping us.

We are still in need of some more sponorship money!!!!!!!

We still need to get home after this voyage is over, and we are still praying that our families can come over and meet us in London. It has been a long somewhat exciting yet tiresome journey and we are looking forward to you joining us in this venture. Please tell everyone you know that might be able to help us help others. We have many little expenses that need to be met so please help if at all possible.

Then the major publicity should kick in and from that we should be able to promote the Do More Campaign in the manner it needs to be promoted.

The other issue is storms. Two are brewing back to back with a third not far behind. We figure if we get on the South side of Iceland, we can shoot between the storms to the Faroe Islands or even ride the leading edge of the storm if the waves are in the right direction. We don´t mind very large waves in the right direction. We just don´t want to use all our fuel fighting them again. If we wait another day we will be stuck here for at least a week. I have to admit this is a great place to get stuck, but we have to move forward.

Here is a link to one weather report for you to follow.
and here is another You will see how big the waves an wind will be if we don´t beat feat soon.

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