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Friday, August 14, 2009

Quitting is NOT AN OPTION

Click on the above pictures for a better view.
See We Eat and Drink Healthy,
This is the Internet Cafe we have been at. We will be eating there tonight. Thank you Hlynur (The Manager) It is called the Hressingarskalinn meaning the Refreshment Lodge or something like that.

I have been working most of the afternoon on emails, video, and contacts. I also have been trying to upload and embed two Islandic TV News Reports. I believe I will get them up tomorrow. When you see them you will notice a few things.

Note, we do not fear injury, Note we do not fear other problems, Like the heroes we seek to honor, WE FEAR FAILURE, WE FEAR DISHONOR. That is why it makes me so mad when I hear a politician trash our heroes who offer up their lives as a sacrafice to freedom. Your dishonor of our heroes is much more dangerous than an enemy ever was.

This is a Wounded Hero Voyage, not a vacation. It is a mission and an adventure. It is a World Record Voyage, it is not supposed to be easy. Do NOT feel sorry for us.

You will see we both have injuries, I have lost a ton of weight, (I needed to), I have cracked or bruised ribs, I have a cracked or bruised wrist, both of us have salt burns, both of us have numb toes and fingertips. Bob has swollen feet and a bruised knee.

Again, I say this to make it easy for those who know and love us. Understand Failure hurts much more than physical pain so please do not ask us to quit. In fact I ask you to stand with us and to help us.

By the way, we eat very well, just getting a lot more exercise than we are used to.


  1. Hi it is me again,
    from the weather forcast it is verycold all the way to Germany. Is it winter there? It has been hot here

  2. You guys are AWESOME!! Who ever thought in that lil' 'ol boat??? Keep it going--stay safe!
    Love & Prayers,
    Susan & Terry

  3. Had a great day. Woke up at 11:00 and walked up to the Catholic churc about a ten minute walk. Missed it, so we went inside and took some pics, and then we walked a mile or so to the Luthern Church, missed it so we video taped and listened to the pipe organ. Walked toward the boat and stopped to get a hot dog at this place that has a picture of Bill clinto eating a hot dog. It only has a pass through and always has a huge line of people waiting to get a dog.

    Went into to a weekend shopping store and bought a pair of icelandic wool socks. The lady, Soffia Jonasdottir, who sold them to me was from my hometown of Merritt Island and also had lived in Cocoa Beach, where I grew up. Another what are the odds type of things.

    Arrived back at the Whale Watching Boat, Elding, where we are staying, and ate some pizza

    Met up with a friend Ralph met in Arizona, Hallmar, who showed us us business. He is looking for investor to help him make Iceland the first country to be ready for the hydrogen cars in the near future. Hallmar also has a way of producing hydrogen from water and is involved in retrofiting cars for hydrogen fuel. Very interesting.

    Hallmar also took us to see the geothermal energy plant, that sends heated water to almost every house in Iceland along with inexpensive electricity; Geiser; waterfall; and a lot of Iceland.

    Later, we met a famous TV star. Mangus, who plays Spartacus on the TV show Lazy Town. What are the odds?